“There´s no place like home.” Judy Garland, The Wizard of OZ”


What is a home?


We fly around the world, have 3 holidays a year but only really feel at home in one location-our home. Whoever is looking for a new home, they rightfully have special standards. Ascertaining these standards in a personal discussion is at the core of our business as a realtor.

Is a fireplace more important than a roof terrace? Should it have both? Is an urban lifestyle of primary importance as against the tranquility of living in a village? These are relevant questions that our clients have sometimes not considered or answered. Finding the right home for you is a process that we would really love to help structure together with you.




Bringing buyers and sellers together.


It is not always easy to be separated from your house or apartment. One would much prefer to sell to someone who will hold the property in the same estimation and experience the happiness you had living there as well. That is the function of a realtor, to find the perfect match.


What else do we do?


Not only do we act as realtors, but also as property developers and for the restoration of older buildings. The basis for the success of your project is our wide market knowledge. We can count on a wealth of experience over many years through our close cooperation with architects in Lübeck.

The reliable administration of apartments and commercial properties in the heart of the city is especially important to us. If you wish to utilize your property as a capital asset and have as little to do with the maintenance as possible, you should talk with us….